Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stonewielder: A Novel of the Malazan Empire

I have enjoyed all of my forays into the world of Malazan and this trip, with Stoneweilder, is no different. Sure, the timespan being covered is much smaller than in some books and some of the main characters are new to me, but I still felt comfortable delving into the isles of Fist and learning about the battle with "The Lady" and the eternal battle with the Riders along the storm wall.

I don't really have a favorite author between Esslemont and Erikson but I do like when either of them touches about the Crimson Guard and Esslemont seems more likely to do so and this book carried on that tradition. Sadly, however, there wasn't enough Crimson Guard action in the book for me - though you do get a very graphic idea of just how bad-ass Iron Bars is. Let's just say it is gripping.

A few characters we have been previously introduced are key protagonists in this book as well but some of the story lines aren't resolved at all by the time the book ends so it felt weird following them for so much of the book only to discover they didn't really tie into the main story arch of the novel at all. Also, because of the way Malazan books are written you may already know the end to at least one arc before you read this book.

My only other gripe about the book is that it seems to change perspective too often. In fact had he just left one of the unresolved story arches out of the book I feel like the entire thing would have been cleaner and more focused.

Regardless of my issues with changing point of view the book was a fun read and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys the genre.

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