Monday, June 14, 2010

Slow Reading

It may seem like I haven't read a new book in a long time and that's because I'm reading some really dry books (non-entertainment stuff) that has been slowing me down. I am currently reading:
  1. A Whole New Mind - Daniel Pink
  2. Bowling Alone - Robert Putnam
  3. The Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany - William Shirer
  4. The Ancestors Tale - Richard Dawkins
  5. The World is Flat - Thomas Friendman
I had actually started most of those books quite a while ago but they kind of fell to the wayside as I started digging into some good speculative fiction. However, over the past couple months my reading time has gone back to non-fiction. Hopefully this list will help explain why I've read nothing else of particular interst of late (or at least I haven't mentioned anything).

I did read "The Gathering Storm" over the past couple months but for some reason I have failed to write a review. I'll have to rectify that soon.

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