Monday, February 9, 2009

Shadow's Edge (Night Angel book 2)

In "Shadow's Edge" Azoth has fully assumed the role of Kylar Stern (a name which weakly references the fact that Kylar is close to Killer) however he attempts to reject his life as a wetboy to find peace and happiness with his love Elene and moving to a new city.

Kylar gets bored with his life as a medieval pharmacist pretty quickly and begins to take some nightly jaunts through his new home town; and, in the process, he finds himself delivering justice and retribution in his alter ego the Night Angel. Eventually, Kylar's thirst for his true calling and his domestic bliss come to loggerheads - specifically once Kylar discovers his best friend, Logan, isn't actually dead.

Kylar then beings his quest to save Logan and his hometown from the domination of the Godking. Unbeknownst to Kylar his old wetboy nemesis Vi is hot on his trail and she has stolen two of the most valuable things Kylar has; his adoptive daughter and his wedding earrings - earrings that are bestowed with powerful magic.

Overall, this tale is just as easy to read as the first "The Way of the Shadow" but it isn't as fulfilling. It's a nice light read that flows wonderfully but there are no real surprises and I found myself getting bored with most of the characters.


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