Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What This is All About

I know that there are a ton of book review websites out there. I read a bunch of them. However, none of them seem to have the same eclectic mix of books I typically read. For example I read a lot of speculative fiction (that's the popular term for Fantasy and Sci-Fi nowadays) but I also read a lot of military fiction and I like to dabble in some non-fiction as well.

I know my odds of getting a lot of readers here would go up if I would focus on one particular genre but then I'd have to have a different blog for each genre just so I could write my thoughts on each one. Instead I am going to focus on this one blog full of reviews. I will primarily discuss the speculative fiction I read becuase I read more of that than any other genre; specifically fantasy as I don't read much Sci-Fi.

I don't have some kind of in with any publishers so I don't get early copies of any books. I don't have a gigantic collection of my own books to give away so I won't be able to hold out the promise of freebies to those who read my posts. Instead I simply offer my honest opinion of each book I read while I attempt to provide as little of a spoiler as possible.

We shall see how well that format works and if I can provide enough usable content on each book without spoiling any of the fun.

I will be leaving comments on, but moderated, so that the site does not become a haven for spam. Hopefully, in due time, the community that will build up here will be strong enough that everyone will gain even more insight into the various books I review - and who knows, maybe even new critics can jump on board and write their own reviews.

Initially I'll probably set a pretty good pace for reviews because I haven't' written any in a while but I have read a lot of books recently.

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